The app that keeps you informed of your mining progress in your mining pools. Beta version is currently only for Monero Ocean miners. Future releaes will include much more.

An App That You'll Love

You won't make money with our app, nor will we as we will continue to keep it ad free. What you can do is see your mining stats on various pools. Graphs and Charts and Stats all avaialble via public APIs. 

Made For monero

There are apps to check your mining status, but those have ads or in-app purchases. This is solely for Monero and ad free!

Regular Updates

Our team will be working to develop this app into a great resource for Monero. We have a lot of plans for the future!

Better Reports

Great charts with standardized metrics that is easy to understand. Interactive charts so you know where your mining rigs stand in the pool. 

Simple & Clean

Very easy to get started and use. The beta release is very rudimentary, but we were just excited to get it out there. Expect many more great things to come. 

Most Powerful

Using AnyChart we provide interactive charts of your mining history for the past 20 hours. Maximum, minimum, and averages are also illustrated. Even view your CPU temp with our Remrig plugin. 

Remote XMRig (Remrig)

With our free plugin, remrig, you can control your XMRig instance on your server. Simple to start and stop mining on your server. It also has support for AMD and Intel CPU Temperature, seen in the above screenshot. Remrig makes use of a REST API Server to do the work and lm-sensors to get info on your CPU. Make sure your rig isn't overheating and be able to stop and restart it on-the-go. 


Take a look at the app by its screenshots

Beautiful Design

Using a bootstraping interface design, we bring sleek and fast performance to our apps. Fragments instead of Activities allow for faster loading time and processing of the JSON data from the Public APIs. .

Regular Updates

A regular monthly update is scheduled for the last day of each month. That doesn't mean we can't update it more often. 

Pool stats

Connecting all Monero pools on the same public API is our goal to maximize the user base and spread the word of Monero. Plug-ins allow for remote control of your XMRig setup and CPU Temp monitoring. 

Lightning Quick

Fast performance with coroutines and simple networking handling of API requests all with a sleek intuitive UX. 

Meet the puppets behind SIEVE and Monerado

We try to remain anonymous which we find becomes harder and harder each day. Our dedication to the Monero project is immersive and we will try to bring the best research and software avaiable to the everyday conforming person and of course the deviant at large. 

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Founder & CEO

Gordian Simpul

CIO & Researcher


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FAQ too.

Why is this so cheap?

FREE and ad FREE. Need we say more? It's also open source. In fact everything we do will be open sourced!

Why Choose Us?

Because the other pool mining stat apps are junk. They either don't provide enough information, or are too focused on making themselves money. 

What will you get?

A trustworthy app, software and mathematical research given the very best by our team.

How many days will you get trial?

No trial. FREE!

What can I do with this app?

Check your Pool Stats in various Monero pools. We have a lot planned, such as making the app useful for mining on old (unused) Android phones. Every hash counts. 

Why is this so cheap?

IT's FREE. Don't you believe us?

Download App Now

Get it today on Google play. Don't wait to know when your next XMR payment will be. Look for many more updates, some that are sure to suprise the Monero community. Check our GitHub for bleeding edge releases.

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Feel free to contact us for any help